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To Infinitee & Beyond Vol

New HyperKat-Exclusive DJ Mix Video from djinfinitee!

  DJ Infinitee-To Infinitee & Beyond! (Vol. 2)-60 min Live DJ Mix Video (HD)Mixed live on 3 Technics 1200 MKII turntables with a Vestax PMC-37 Pro DJ Mixer and Serato Scratch SL 1.0. Absolutely no edits-see full tracklist below!~ DJ Infinitee-To Infinitee & Beyond! (Vol. 2)-Tracklist 1.To Infinitee & Beyond Intro (1999) 2.DJ Infinitee-Raiders Of

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Coming March 17th 2014!! DJ Infinitee- “Raiders Of The Lost Break” E.P.

OFFICIAL LAUNCH UPDATE HKR001 “The Raiders of the Lost Break EP HyperKat-Recordings is proud to kickoff the new label with this huge new E.P. release, showcasing various styles of Breakbeat with an official launch date of March 16th, 2014!!! Supporting the launch of the label, we have two originals by DJ Infinitee, with two additional

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Welcome to the new HyperKat-Recordings~!

After a long awaited revamp-the new site will focus on promotion of latest release information and HyperKat Artists/DJ events and happenings!